Definition of support:

1. to promote the interests or cause of

2. to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for

3. to keep (something) going

 Merriam Websteter

Productivity Support:

Sometimes we become overwhelmed in our business and we just need to step back and ICE the situation. Identify what is lacking, Clarify what is a priority, and Execute a plan of action. I provide the support you need to ensure you are most productive by taking tasks off your plate and/or supporting your need for accountability. 


Support Services:


Administrative Work

  • calendar management

  • daily schedule reminders

  • appointment scheduling

  • appointment reminders

  • email management

$400 per month
base on approximately
10 hrs per month
Limited amount of slots available

Personal Tasks

  • booking travel arrangements

  • making purchases

  • sending cards (thank you, birthday, etc)

  • event planning

Content Development

  • letter starters

  • basic blog

  • simple newsletters


  • receipt management

  • budget entries

Social Media

  • Facebook - Posting

  • LinkedIn - Posting/Articles

Basic ​Internet Research

Robin's unique background as a leadership executive allows her to understand the needs of today's executives.  If a task or service you need is not listed, just ask! 

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